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yes Date: Feb 18th @ 10:49pm EST
A sign of first-class brains is the ability to keep in mind two contradictory thoughts simultaneously without losing the ability to think
physics Date: Feb 16th @ 5:35pm EST
Everything in the world is energy. Energy is the basis of everything. If you tune into the energy frequency of the reality you want to create for yourself, you will get exactly what is configured in your frequency. It is not philosophy. This is physics.
life Date: Feb 15th @ 4:39pm EST
Everyone has to find their own path. Each of them has its own rules, understanding themselves and the world. Not what your mom, friend, some actress or someone else - important quiet voice inside you. In the end, that's what makes you happy.
so so Date: Feb 14th @ 9:24pm EST
When a person thinks that everything goes awry in his life trying to enter something wonderful.
yes Date: Feb 13th @ 12:17am EST
They say that listening to your own voice â" is schizophrenia. And listen to the teacher who listened to the rector, who listened to the Professor who read smart books, who wrote the clever uncle, who had listened to other uncle and read the other books written by "schizophrenics" hearing your own voice is fine, it's the truth.
life Date: Feb 11th @ 3:26pm EST
Property of a wise man consists in three things: the first is to do what he advises others to do, the second is never to act against justice and, third, to patiently bear the weaknesses of the people around him.
life Date: Feb 9th @ 12:17am EST
Sometimes you have no control over what happens to you, but you have control over your attitude. And it is this attitude and determines who's in control â" the events you or you these same events.
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